Squad Gymnastics at FBGC

If your child loves Gymnastics and is interested in a higher level of commitment and more opportunity to compete in events then our squad program might be worth considering. Fishermen's Bend runs a mixed gender Gymstar Squad program with Gymnasts competing in Levels 3-8.

Entry into our squad program is by invitation only to ensure Gymnasts are in a program they enjoy and where they can excel. This program requires a high level of natural strength, flexibility, co-ordination and mental toughness and we assess these through a selection process. If you are interested in finding our more information on the process of being considered for squad please contact us on squads@fbgc.org.au. 

Foundation Squad

This class is designed for our younger squad Gymnasts to focus on developing their strength, flexibility and the basic skills required to progress to higher squad levels. Gymnasts are usually in this class for 2 years before progressing through to our squad program or ALP. 

Gymstar (GS)

At FBGC we want our Gymnasts to love their Gymnastics and to be competitive but we also want them to have the opportunity to be involved in other sports/activities. Squad Gymnasts have two 2 hour training sessions each week. We have two groups a Junior Squad and a Senior Squad. 

Classes include a significant amount of time on strength and flexibility training which allows Gymnasts to perform advanced skills to a high quality. Gymnasts are expected to be consistently attending training during term time and will also have training during some school holiday breaks, and are expected to enter competitions that the club attends. 

If you have any questions regarding squad Gymnastics please contact our Squad co-ordinator on squads@fbgc.org.au