Levels Program for Girls & Boys, Prep to 18 years

The Launch Pad Levels Program is designed for children who are school aged. Children learn fundamental gymnastic skills like cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls plus motor skills and spatial awareness in a positive learning environment. Launch Pad skills are an important tool to set your child up for success.

Classes are streamed by ability so all beginner Gymnasts will start in a Fundamentals class and graded into bronze, silver or gold by their coach. Gymnasts are then individually assessed throughout each Term and have the opportunity to progress to the next level when they are ready. Children who are in Grade 4 or above who are beginners are recommended to join one of our 6pm Fundamentals classes which are designed for beginner Gymnasts of this age. 

All of our Launchpad classes are Co-Ed apart from our boys specific classes. To find out which class is most appropriate for your child please contact us. 

Launch Pad Fundamentals (Prep, Bronze, Silver and Gold) 55min (45 during covid)
These classes are specifically designed to teach basic Gymnastics and foundation movement skills to this age group in a fun and engaging way. Classes are offered Monday through to Saturday so there are lots of times to choose from. 

Launch Pad Skills (Bronze, Silver and Gold) 1hr 25min
Gymnasts in these classes work on developing and refining more advanced Gymnastics skills. Classes are for Children in Grade 3 or higher. See our timetable for more information on class times. 

Launch Pad (Boys classes) 55mins (not currently offered)
Our boys specific classes for Boys in Grade 1 or higher are offered at the Fundamental and Skills levels. Check our timetable for class times.

Launchpad Teens 1hr 25min (not currently offered)
Our teens class is designed for children who are currently attending High School. This class has a wide range of ability levels with some Gymnasts who are new to Gymnastics and some who have been at the club for many years. This class is a lot of fun but also a great way to keep your child active.