Coach Leadership Programs

The Leadership Program is a volunteer training program designed to train junior gymnastic coaches within the club. Participants assist in coaching within our junior gymnastic programs. Applicants must be turning 14 prior to the end of the year to be a member of the program, have some experience in gymnastics and have an interest in working with children.

Fishermen’s Bend Gymnastic Club ‘Leadership Program’ is a sport and community based volunteer program designed to develop junior gymnastic coaches within the club. The program aims to provide the opportunity for participants to develop skills in coaching, planning, and communication, to have lots of fun, and develop networks within the sporting industry.

Participants will be involved in coaching in our gymnastic program on a weekly basis. In addition, the participants are required to attend coaching workshops throughout the year and complete a trainee coach workbook. Leaders work under the direction of the supervising coach and are expected to take an active role in the club and their training.

The Leadership Program is a three stage progressive training program aimed to teach participants the skills required to be a successful coach. Progression through the program depends on the participants’ development, their age and the availability of positions within the club. Leaders need to be reliable, be able to work well in a team and have a fun and friendly attitude. They should show commitment to both their own development and that of their gymnasts.

Leaders should also have experience in gymnastics and have an interest in working with children. To apply applicants need to return the attached enrolment form and provide a short description explaining why they would like to participate in the leadership program, what type of experience they have to offer and what they would like to learn from the program. Preference for positions is given to past members of the club and residents of Port Phillip. Excess applicants will be placed on waiting lists.