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Fishermen's Bend Gymnastics is still open and providing Gymnastics lessons for our community. Due to COVID restrictions our classes are currently based online through Zoom. We are offering classes for school aged children and adults as well as private lessons (in person from 28th September) and birthday parties. In addition we have a library of free classes that can be accessed on our YouTube Channel

Check out our Week 1 Challenge - Thread the needle

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LIGHT IT UP. Club Online Event

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Here are the requirements for the Launch Pad Fundamental classes.

and here in the YouTube video. 

Here are the requirements for the Skills and Squad classes.

and here in the YouTube video

Have fun!


Our online Kindergym program offers one new lesson each week. The lesson will include a fun warm up and basic gymnastics shapes and stretches followed by Gymnastic activities and a fun cool down to finish. Old content will remain online so you can participate whenever you have time and you can repeat lessons you enjoyed as often as you like.

Click here to view our Kindergym content. 


Launchpad lessons are offered for the Fundamentals and Skills program. Lessons include a warm up and stretches followed by a Gymnastic session which focuses on one apparatus or a skill and then finishes with a cool down. Depending on the content some weeks there might be one Launchpad lesson that is suitable for all Launchpad Gymnasts and some weeks there will be one for Fundamentals and one for Skills. Make sure you select the video for the program that you are enrolled in.

Click here to view our Launchpad lessons.


Our squad content is divided into Junior Squad and Senior Squad. You need to choose the videos that are relevant to your level. Junior Squad includes Foundation, ALP 3 & 4, Gymstar 3-6. Senior Squad includes ALP 5-8 & GS7-8. Squad Gymnasts will need to construct their own lesson by choosing a video in each of the following categories:1) Warm up 2) Strength 3) Apparatus 4) Cool Down. This is so that you have some control over your own Gymnastics and can work more on the things you would like to improve on and the lessons you enjoy most. I want to reiterate though that you need to have one video for each category, it is vital that you are properly warmed up before doing the activities and you cool down at the end.

Click here for Junior Squad lessons and here for Senior Squad


We will also have some fun challenges, these are short videos that give you something to practice and master. Your parents and siblings might even be able to try these ones so make sure you check it out here


Term 2

KG Easter lesson - Bunny ears template

Junior Squad Dice Strength - List of exercises

Kinder Gym "Around the World'Passport- download here

Under the Sea  pictures- download here

Term 3

Mini Beasts Fruit Print Outs Colour or Black and White (to colour in)